I'm a film lighting cameraman/photographer/designer living in Kew in London. I've been messing about with cameras, lenses and lights for most of my life and I'm always exploring new ways to use them.

Much of my childhood was spent in North Thailand where I was fascinated by the traditional silk looms of the weaving villages around Chiang Mai, particularly the optical characteristics of silk as a medium.


This project grew from the combination of these interests, an emerging technology, and a crazy idea:

Recent developments in digital textile printing mean that we can now source high resolution photographic images for textile designs. At the same time modern digital photographic techniques allow for ever greater levels of photographic resolution.


The crazy idea goes like this: If flowers are the advertising agencies for plants and bees their primary audience, what would a flower look like to a bee?  Well to start with, it’d be really big… and given that flowers hold an attraction for us as well, wouldn’t it be interesting to replicate a bee’s perspective and then print it on fine Italian silk…


Luxury Silk Scarves by Mark Chapman